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C1. Machinery (non electrical) C2. Original Paintings/Works of Art
C3. Still Photography (35mm film) C4. Jewellery & Articles of Precious Metal/Stones
C5. Engine Machinery (Vehicles) C6. Electric, Electronic, Scientific and Digital Equipment (Excluding Computers)
C7. Stamps C8. Yachts & Boats
C9. Books C10. Caravans
C11. Display Stands C12. Clothing
C13. Furniture & Furnishings C14. Hand Tools
C15. Hides, Skins, Furs & Leather Goods C16. Livestock
C17. Concert & Musical Equipment - Electric/Electronic C18. Computer Equipment
C19. Theatrical Effects C20. Carpets & Rugs
C21. Catering Equipment C22. Toys (Electric or not)
C23. Sports Equipment C24. Antiques
C25. Imitation/Costume Jewellery C26. Loose Precious Stones
C27. Footwear C28. Concert & Musical Equipment - Non Electric/Electronic

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Bahrain Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana
Brazil Canada Canary Islands Ceuta and Melilla
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India Indonesia Iran Israel
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